Accountancy Board of Ohio Staff

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Board staff telephone numbers
Main telephone number:  (614-466-4135)
John E. Patterson,  Executive Director  (614-995-0192)
Tracey F. Fithen, Assistant Executive Director  (614-644-9037)
Donna Oklok, Investigations Supervisor  (614-728-3004)
Kelly A. Kelly, Firm registration  (614-752-8249)
Charlene A. Nortey, Board Investigator  (614-466-1660)
Faith A. Ottavi, Board Investigator  (614-752-2468)
Luann Rager, Information Requests, Verifications, License status changes  (614-752-5075)
Karen A. Salyer, CPA certification and licensing  (614-752-7472)
VACANCY, Revenue and Deposits, Education Assistance Program,  (614-728-6764)


  John E. Patterson, Executive Director

Accountancy Board of Ohio

77 South High Street, Suite 1820

Columbus, Ohio  43215-6128

Accountancy Board of Ohio Contact List


Main Line:  614.466.4135

Fax Line:  614.466.2628